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Why Home Swap with Knock


Buy a new home without having to sell the old one first, or at the same time. Plus, You can live conveniently in your new home while preparing your old one for sale.


Start making competitive, non-contingent offers with your fully pre-approved mortgage, buy your new home and move in, and pay only your new mortgage while Knock covers the old one.


Move only once, no need for lease backs, save on rent, closing and moving costs, and sell for top dollar in the open market with up to $25,000 in home prep cost covered upfront.

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How it Works

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Find out if you’re eligible for the Home Swap in just 3 minutes at or through your agent. You or your agent will need to submit photos of every room in your house to the Knock team. Next, get pre-approved for a Home Swap mortgage. Knock will check your credit and verify your debts, assets, income, and supporting documents to determine your purchasing power. You will be assigned a dedicated Mortgage Loan Advisor. In as little as 48 hours upon receipt of your loan application and supporting documentation your Mortgage Loan Advisor will work to get you preapproved for a Home Swap mortgage and you’ll be all set to buy your new home.



Once you find your dream home, you’ll work with your agent to make a competitive, non-contingent offer on it—and win! Once you’ve closed, it’s time to start planning your move. You can move when it makes the most sense for you. Typically, it’s within 2 weeks of closing, but you and your agent will determine the best timeline. Once you’re moved in, it’s time to get settled in your new home. You’ll only pay your new mortgage. Knock will cover payments on your old loan for up to 6 months. Your agent will work with the title company or closing attorney to ensure everything is progressing smoothly.



You’ll get an advance of up to $25,000 and access to our contractor network so you can get your old house ready for selling. You’ll manage any home prep with your agent, and work with the Knock Home Concierge Team throughout. After your home is in top condition, your agent will list your house on the open market and manage showings with potential buyers. You’ll work with your agent to get your listing sold. When your house sells, you’ll use the proceeds from the sale to pay Knock back for any costs covered during the process, plus regular closing costs. It’s that simple. You’ll work with your agent and their title company or closing attorney to get the deal to the finish line.

How Much Does it Cost?

Knock charges a 1.25% Convenience fee based on the purchase price of your new home in addition to a standard admin fee.

When your listing sells, you’ll simply pay knock back for monies we advanced to you during the home swap process.

Keeping in mind no other lender offers a program like home swap . No loan origination fee and no lease backs after closing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! You'll pay the mortgage on your new home, immediately building equity, while Knock helps cover your monthly mortgage payments on your old house.

Before you buy your new house, Knock will issue a backup offer on your old house that goes into effect after 6 months, so your can rest easy knowing that your are covered- no matter what.

There is no catch but don't take Knock's word for it. You can read 700+five-star reviews from our customers on Zillow.