Is it time?

soldhoeIn most markets, most years, the optimal time to list is in the spring, so that the maximum number of potential buyers view the home. But we’re in an era in which conventional wisdom is becoming an ever-sketchier concept. So why should real estate be immune from all this topsy-turviness? This year, the conventional wisdom of buying and selling may need to change.Inventory levels at the beginning of 2017 are at multiyear lows. Sellers now face very little competition.  Likewise, buyer demand is abnormally strong for the off-season. The climb in mortgage rates that started in October and accelerated in November and December has created a sense of urgency among buyers.The new year is expected to bring more economic growth and even higher interest rates. And with consumer confidence at a 15-year high, buying competition is likely to get fierce. Not everyone can move up their plans for the spring and summer; but even so, the months of winter and early spring will likely be much busier than usual. Therefore, sellers could benefit less from timing a spring listing for a summer sale this year.

A single red unique house stands out from the competition in a vending machine representing a crowded real estate market and a buyer's market

If you are planning on selling your home we can help your home stand out in the market place and sale for a higher price and in a shorter time.  Contact us and we will provide to you a no cost, no obligation, “Market Absorption Value” for your home.  We will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

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