Seller Safety Tips

safe10/16/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

When you’re selling your property, there’s one important thing you shouldn’t ignore: your safety. While it’s unlikely you’ll experience issues, there are a few precautions you can take to avoid problems.

Hire a Texas REALTOR®. If you sell your property on your own, how will you vet strangers who want to see it? Texas REALTORS® often manage that guesswork by assessing prospects and handling viewing appointments around your schedule.

Store your valuables. Before your house is shown to prospective buyers, you may want to put valuable items like cash or jewelry in a safe-deposit box, or temporarily house your high-quality electronics in a storage facility. And put those valuable items away before your Texas REALTOR® takes photos so your listing doesn’t attract people interested in these items rather than your property.

Put away your prescriptions. Lock up your prescription medication or keep it with you when you leave for showings or an open house, since it’s another item that criminals often target.

Pack up your family photos. Storing these photos is often recommended for staging, but it can also be a safety measure. People touring your home don’t need to know your personal details, like the size of your family or what your kids look like.

Make prospective buyers go through your Texas REALTOR®. A for sale sign in your yard might attract people who will ring your doorbell to ask about viewing your property. Don’t let people enter your home in these circumstances. Instead, have them contact your Texas REALTOR® to set up an appointment.

Contact a ONE HOUSE REALTOR® for additional  tips to help you stay safe as a seller, and will ensure you have a smooth sale.


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